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We Specialize In the following... 
Children`s Party!
The Discos of all discos, with great party games chucked in!  They will never forget this party! We fill Your dance floor full of balloons! which the kids really love, everybody gets a glow bracelet. Games we play are so much fun, bubbles too, Depending on the floor type!
ts a total entertainment package for your kids! make their day, book this party & watch their little faces LIGHT UP when you tell them you have booked us. 2.5 hr Disco, games. Energy Party 
Under 21.
We know all the latest dance music! We have a Massive up to-date music database !
its gonna be he Party of all Party`s You will never forget !
Latest & best chart music played Plus party classics chucked in.

Amazing Laser`s, Strobes, Flashing LED Lights,
Haze, It looks out of this world, you will love it, they will love it, everybody there will love it also.


21 +

What better way to celebrate a birthday than hiring a professional disco and experienced DJ to bring the nightclub to you! Alongside the music we have the lighting and sound equipment to match, 

with nightclub style intelligent lighting, build your own playlist if  you wish ! Requests taken on the night.The Party of all party`s ! with the dance floor buzzing & bouncing !. 

40th +

Approaching that age, you wish to celebrate a Birthday in style !

We know just what it takes to create a memorable and highly successful Party. most importantly we understand and know our music!

Most Birthday parties have a whole range of age groups attending, and of course we will cater for all ! . With the combination of our experience, knowledge and passion for music we guarantee a party above all   others."this we can guaranteed .


party classics! touch of 60s - Loads of 70s - 80s with a little bit of modern & party tunes thrown in for good measure!
Our DJ`s excel in this department and will have everybody up and dancing all night long.

Birthday parties have a whole range of age groups attending, so we will cater for all.

With the combination of our experience, age knowledge / passion for music spanning the last 50 years.
 This party showcase will be above all others.

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