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                                                                                                      BEST CHRISTMAS PARTY EVER

There's no time like the present to wrap up your Christmas party arrangements, if you leave it to the last minute you may also be doing some last minute panicking!

Everybody will have already been booked !  Last year on new years eve we had three separate phone calls of very desperate people who had 

booked some other DJ months before, But they had let them down at the very last minute.Simple answer to this is the DJ`s got offered more money on another job and took it, these people were begging us to drop the job somebody else had booked and go to them,

they offered more money! one person offered £1000 pounds cash for a 4 hour gig! he had over 900 people going to his event! We had to say NO. How he got on i still don`t no to this day!  I dread to think !

We are 100% reliable, we never fail to arrive, no matter what other jobs become available.Your guaranteed a professional DJ Service from the start of your enquirer to the final track of the night .

Over the years we have performed at many Christmas parties. Some of these parties have been formal dinner dances @ large hotels. office party's complete with tree, decorations and even Father Christmas.

to ensure your party has that essential Christmas flavor. we leave these to one side if you wish and style the party to suit your music choice for instance solid dance and party tunes, 70's Disco, 80's Pop & Cheese, Naughty 90's leading up to current charts, combined with all the top floor fillers from the past. Which ever way you like it, we make sure its going to be one hell of a party. 

                                                      Please Book early to avoid disappointment.

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