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Bubble Machine for Parties and Weddings, why not add a little extra magic to your event as the bubbles float around amid your Guests they will look on in amazement!

The effect created as thousands of bubbles descend upon them and the children will be fighting that urge to run around and chase and pop them.

However Fun Experts have seen many times that the adults make the first move! With the ability to bring a venue to life.The Bubble Machine will add that little extra something Special to your themed event.

 We Supply Bubble and Snow Machine Hire Only as Part of a Disco or Booking

Snow Machine Hire & Snow Parties .

What better than a Snow Party in the middle of Summer! Go on be that little bit different.

Seriously a snow party is good at any time of the year but we do get a little busy during the month of December so if you want to book one of our Snow Machines during this period then please book well in advance as we do not want to disappoint.

Have you ever seen the X - Factor on the TV?
Where you can see all the lights beams dancing and shining into the crowd, you have!  well that`s haze. without the haze you would not see the light beams you would just see lights going on and off on stage, very boring and not very dramatic, Its 100% more impressive with the haze machine on.
           Do Not Associate a hazer with the traditional smoke machine

                 Free Hire on all Bookings

Glow Bracelets are incredibly popular at Parties not only because they are relatively cheap but  because they have many uses. You will know that as soon as you activate them at a party everything gets a bit more livelier & people seem to have more fun. If you throw a 'Glow Party' it will be remembered for a long time.

We Provide.

Free Balloons / Free Glow Bracelets At Children's Parties.

If You Would Like Them At Your Party / Event,Then Please inform Us When Booking.

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